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Is Hardwood Flooring Durable?

Hardwood flooring has been used for many decades in homes and commercial buildings. The durability of hardwood flooring makes it an ideal choice for flooring. Hardwood floors have the beauty and character of natural wood, but are far more durable and practical. In addition, hardwood flooring is easier to clean than many other types of flooring. Below, we’ll look at the advantages of choosing hardwood over carpet, tile, laminate, or linoleum, as well as how to care for your hardwood flooring.

Oak hardwood floors are typically a traditional dark brownish-red color. Other solid hardwood species include white oak, alder, birch, maple, elm, hickory, oak, plum, poplar, and walnut. Hardwood flooring made from these hardwood species vary slightly in color and grain pattern. Oak hardwood floors are considered one of the most durable and stable flooring materials. Hardwood flooring made from these wood species are available in a variety of color finishes and may be custom finished for a uniform look in your home.

If you are considering using solid hardwood floors in your home, the decision should be based on durability, maintenance, and price. For example, cedar hardwood floors are commonly stained with a protective finish to prevent warping and are available in a variety of shades of brown. Cedar is an excellent choice because of its resistance to mold and fungus, as well as its insect-resistance. Hardwood floors made from cedar will age gracefully and maintain their color and texture.

Carpet is a popular alternative to hardwood flooring because it is less expensive and more environmentally friendly. However, because of the low cost of purchasing the laminate versus the hardwood product, many people believe that laminate flooring installation is more difficult than hardwood installation. This is not necessarily true. Laminate hardwood flooring can be installed by professional carpenters who purchase laminate from the manufacturer and install it directly under the original planks of wood. If you are prepared to hire someone to install your new floor, be sure to ask for references and photos of previous work they have completed. You should also ask about the recommended protective finish that the #1 Sacramento flooring company recommends.

Most homeowners prefer a smooth, non-marked finish, but if your installer prefers the use of decorative borders, he or she may provide a pre-finished sanded appearance. Regardless of the style of laminate installation used, you should expect to pay less than it would to purchase solid hardwood flooring. For instance, because solid hardwood flooring can take anywhere from three to six months to install, you will save time, money, and installation headaches when you purchase laminate rather than hardwoods. You can also save by selecting a laminate floor design that you love and then allowing your installer to do the hardwood flooring.

Although the price of laminate is less than hardwoods, you may still want to consider hardwoods if you have a large area that needs to be installed. Because of the low cost of manufacturing the boards, manufacturers often sell them at below wholesale prices. In addition, many laminate floors have a warranty that covers the boards for one year. This warranty can save you if you are not able to install the floor yourself. To learn more on this visit www.durhamflooringcompany.com.